Ruth Jeannoel

ruth-croppedRuth Jeannoel is a mother, wife and lead organizer with the Power U Center for Social change. Born and raised in Cambridge, MA, Ruth has been organizing since the 4th grade with her first boycott around “opting” out of the states standardized test. She continued her organizing work throughout high school and college in spaces where it related to youth voice around access to public education and gender justice. Ruth studied Social Thought- Political Economy & Women’s studies at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst. She has been organizing youth of color around dismantling the school to prison pipeline by providing black and brown youth with the tools to build power in their own communities.

In the last two years, Ruth has worked with the Power U Center for Social Change to implement a Restorative Justice model in Miami Dade County Public Schools as a way to address school discipline instead of a punitive discipline models. Ruth is also expanding her thought leadership as a writer for Echoing Ida-A Forward Together program dedicated to developing and amplifying the thought leadership of Black women in the social justice movement. She is a believer in the personal being political and has a strong commitment to developing new leaders to fight for Black Liberation.