This Week In Education Organizing Power Leading Discipline Reform Fight in Miami Dade Schools

As seen on The Alliance To Reclaim Our Schools on August 14, 2015: excerpt: MIAMI-DADE School discipline reform and restorative justice took center stage last weekend on Melissa Harris-Perry, where advocates spoke about the national movement to end harsh, zero-tolerance discipline policies. The segment highlighted the Miami-Dade school district, where officials recently announced they will end[…]

Against State Violence

On August 28, in the aftermath of the events in Ferguson, MO the Power U Center for Social Change convened a meeting at Miami’s Church of the Open Door so members of our own community could speak out on their experiences of state violence. That evening roughly 200 people came together in the fellowship hall[…]

Annie Thomas

Annie is a Miami native and has been an active freedom fighter in her community since she was twelve years old.  During the 2008 presidential election, as a youth member of the Miami Workers Center’s Take Back the Vote campaign, she helped register 3000 people to vote and raise community awareness on the importance of[…]