Annie Thomas

Annie - sizedAnnie is a Miami native and has been an active freedom fighter in her community since she was twelve years old.  During the 2008 presidential election, as a youth member of the Miami Workers Center’s Take Back the Vote campaign, she helped register 3000 people to vote and raise community awareness on the importance of organized civic engagement.  For the past five years, Annie has served as a leader in the youth organizing work of Power U Center for Social Change and as the youth organizer.  This work has centered on fighting the School to Prison Pipeline and advancing Restorative Justice as a means to develop stronger communities both in and outside of schools.   In the summer of 2013 Annie played a central role in the takeover of the Florida State Capital by the Dream Defenders and other youth activists following the acquittal of George Zimmerman.  She  guided organizing and political education workshops, helped develop language for Trayvon’s Law, and along with other  leaders met with Governor Rick Scott to discuss the racial justice goals of the protesting youth.  Annie graduated from Mavericks High School in the Spring of 2014 and plans to continue her organizing and activism.  She hopes to organize young people for public housing and other housing issues affecting the community.